A Little About Mathis Designs

Mathis Designs is a sticker retail shop that offers quality, handmade, waterproof stickers, illustrated by me, Steph Mathis. 

I started Mathis Designs in 2015 as a graphic design side hustle. I made invitations, wedding programs, Christmas cards and more. Being a full time graphic designer and then a graphic designer on the side burned me out quick.

I transitioned to a hand lettering artist and have sold prints at local markets and online. Hand lettering lead me to my unexpected passion of sticker making. I am obsessed with drawing on my iPad or hand lettering with a brush and paint and then turning it into a sticker. This is truly a passion business for me now and the income blesses my family in many areas. 

I look forward to connecting with clients and building relationships while slinging stickers. I love the people I've met and appreciate my customers so much. I look forward to getting to know you too!