Friends tv show themed party costume

The One Where My Kid Turned One

If you know anything about me, it's that I love FRIENDS. It's been in my top 5 favorite tv shows for as long as I can remember. Friends is my comfort food... in tv form. So it was a no-brainer when my daughter was going to turn one that I wanted her to have a "Friends" themed birthday party. And let me tell you, this was no average one year old's birthday party. I pulled deep cut references for my decorations and probably had to explain more than I thought I would but I LOVED it. And let's face it, one year old birthday parties are for the parents. 

The Invite
As a graphic designer, it was a piece of cake to make this invite. Iconic images let you know that this one year old was having a "Friends" themed birthday party. 

Friends Birthday Invitation

The Decor
Let's start with how I decorated. I did the basic birthday necessities, the balloons and the giant mylar number one. How else would I remember it was her first birthday party without the giant mylar number one that I spent... I don't want to talk about how much that stupid thing cost or the fact that it was windy, the party was outside and it's not even in half the pictures. 

friends birthday party decor

Do you remember the episode, "The One Where Rachel Smokes" where Phoebe is put in charge of cups and ice? Phoebe takes it to a whole other level by decorating with cups, having a shaved ice station, cup hats, cups everywhere. That, my friends, was my deep-cut inspiration for decorating my daughter's first birthday party. I made the 12 month photo banner out of cups, I lined my deck with cups, like I said it was windy so my cup decor kind of ended there but it looked cute and was hella cheap. 

friends party theme decorations

The Outfit
My absolute favorite part of the entire party was the out the outfit I put my daughter in. It was probably the inspiration for the entire party. I bought an adorable dress from Carters that was adorable to say the least and like all baby clothes, got worn probably twice. Chambray sleeveless with a Toole skirt. I then used some creative resources, i.e. Etsy and bought a Central Perk iron-on for the apron. You can buy little black aprons for kids but they will be too large and a waste of money. You just need a black tshirt you don't intend on keeping. I didn't document the process like a good blog writer would do, so I'll describe the best I can. I cut a rectangle for the apron out of a black t-shirt but on the top of the rectangle I cut the entire shirt to make straps. It essentially was cut like a top hat with a REALLY long skinny brim. I ironed on the Central Perk decal and I had my very own baby Central Perk apron. Let me tell you, dress your kids as tv characters from shows you love because it's adorable and hilarious.

friends party costume

The Cake
Smash cakes are cute and all but I am no baker and this cake situation will prove it. I decided that since the cake was something I didn't care much about, that I would make cupcakes and then it was easy and I could give one to my daughter for her smash cake. The smash cake was a mild success...the overall cake situation as not.

friends party theme cake funny fail

Like I said, I am no baker. I made cupcakes out of a box, that didn't quite turn out, and the layout looked nothing like those reels you see on instagram. The CONCEPT was pull apart cupcakes that looked like the purple door with the yellow frame. And though, you can tell that's what I was going for, you can also tell that I struggled... a lot.

Not to mention for some unknown reason the purple frosting turned blue while it was on the table outside. 

All-in-all the "Friends" themed birthday party for my one year old daughter was a day to remember. My favorite parts lie with how funny I thought my kiddo looked dressed as the infamous Rachel Green and my best friend from my home town surprising me with her attendance. Kids turn one once and though the elaborate birthday parties seem silly to some, I 10 out 10 recommend it. 

friends sticker set, value pack


NOTE: I've covered my kiddo's adorable face for safety and privacy. 

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