10 of the BEST Friends TV References

10 of the BEST Friends TV References

There are a few things I really enjoy. When I can apply a Friends quote to a real life situation and when someone knows what I'm referencing. A special kind of bonding happens when two people share a IYKYK moment. It's how I became besties with my bestie...and it has solidified our best friendship time and time again. 

Here are 10 of my favorite Friends quotes and references. 

1) 15 Yemen Rd, Yemen

Chandler is on the run from Janice and his only escape is to leave the country. As he is leaving he gives Janice his address, well, sort of...

2) Hopeless Desperate Awkward for Love

Chandler is at it again. I know far too many people who can relate.

3) The One with the Trifle

Rachel should not be trusted with desserts. In this classic Thanksgiving episode of Friends, Rachel is put in charge of making dessert. What is crazier, is Monica is not preparing a backup. In a hilarious turn of events, two pages of the magazine stick together and Rachel makes a trifle mixed with a shepherds pie. The Friends Trifle is without a doubt one of the most recognizable references from Friends. 

4) Regina Phalange

Who is the accomplice of Ken Adams? The one and only, Regina Phalange. When left to introduce yourself in an uncomfortable situation, it's best to rely on a pseudo name. Phoebe wouldn't have it any other way.

5) The Geller Cup

Another Thanksgiving episode classic. Football isn't to be played by the Geller children. The Geller cup is highly coveted and is in no way just a troll glued to a piece of wood. Friends and Thanksgiving just go together.

6) Paper Snow a Ghost

Paper, Snow, a Ghost! This quote is by far my favorite IYKYK Friends moment. In my opinion, you have to be a true Friends fan to know what this is referring to. A classic and down-right hilarious Joey Tribiani moment, The Pyramid Game. Just remember, it's white. Paper. Snow. A GHOST!

7) Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

Even people who aren't Friends fans or have ever seen the TV show know that PIVOT is a classic Friends quote. Ross has grown on me over the years, he's toxic af but man is he funny. PIVOT!

8) I'll Be There For You

So no one told you life was going to be this way. *CLAP SEQUENCE* The iconic orange couch from Central Perk with a memorable line from the Friends TV theme song. 

9) How You Doin?

How you doin? You can hear Joey Tribiani saying it. How You Doin is a well known clip that can be extracted from many Friends TV episodes. 

10) The Turkey on the Head

You could say Friends is a professional Thanksgiving show. Some of the very best moments come from Thanksgiving episodes. One day I drew the classic turkey and then filled it with Friends TV Show quotes. This is a best seller and fan favorite. 


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